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Your dog attacked my dog.

You just bought one of those adorable Spaniel-dober-doos for $200. Your friend invites you and your dog over. And, so you take your dog over to your friend's house to visit and their dog attacks and seriously injures your dog. You take your dog to the vet and get a vet bill in excess of $10,000. Should your friend have to pay the vet bill? And, how much? $200 max? $10,000?

If you didn't already know, in Ohio, dogs are classified under the law as personal property. And damages for loss or injury to personal property, including dogs, is generally limited to the fair market value of the dog.

But the times are a changing and Ohio courts are beginning to re-think how economic damages should be awarded due to loss and injury. Factors which just might be considered include fair market value, age of the pet, pedigree, training, breeding income, recommendation of the treating veterinarian, circumstances of the injury, and anticipated recovery. The overriding consideration being reasonableness of the expenses and is fact specific.

So you have a shot at getting that whole vet bill paid. But you probably aren't going to get compensated for your own hurt feelings.

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