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A good starting point...but not the end of the story.  Is the plaintiff a public or private figure, does it matter?  Was the defendant acting under some privilege? How was the plaintiff damaged? ...


Whether you, or your business, have been defamed by the written or spoken word, on the Internet or elsewhere, or whether you are the defendant facing a defamation lawsuit, we can assist you.


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Defamation.  In Ohio, defamation occurs when a publication contains a false statement “made with some degree of fault, reflecting injuriously on a person's reputation, or exposing a person to public hatred, contempt, ridicule, shame or disgrace, or affecting a person adversely in his or her trade, business or profession."  Jackson v. Columbus, 117 Ohio St.3d 328, 2008-Ohio-1041, 883 N.E.2d 1060, ¶ 9 (2008)

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Did someone intentionally hit you? Perhaps you were in an auto accident caused by someone failing to obey traffic laws?  Did you slip, trip, or fall somewhere through no fault of your own and get hurt?  The dog down the street got loose and bit you?  You neighbor cut down a tree on your property? The list of specific acts or omissions of others for which you might be entitled to relief for the injury or harm caused is too long to list here.

We are happy to discuss the specific facts and circumstances of the matter with you and discuss your legal options.

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Injury or Harm to Person and/or Property.  Injury or Harm to person or property can be caused by the negligence or intentional acts of another person or entity. The law allows you to bring suit to recover damages for the harms caused by those responsible. 

Injury/Harm to Person/Property

Analysis of a contract dispute can be difficult due to the expansive nature of the law of contracts in Ohio.

Whether you (or your business) is alleging that another party failed to perform its promises under a contract or you (or your business) are being accused of not performing under a contract, we are happy to discuss the specific facts and circumstances of the matter with you and discuss your legal options.

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Business/Contract Disputes

Business/Contract Disputes.  Generally, a plaintiff must present evidence on several elements to successfully prosecute a breach of contract claim including the existence of a contract, performance by the plaintiff, breach by the defendant, and damage or loss to the plaintiff.

A tenant in an apartment has rights in Ohio relating to the lease agreement with the landlord.  We are happy to discuss your situation in a free consultation. Call us to discuss your matter if:

- You believe your landlord is retaliating against you because you complained to appropriate agencies about a violation of building, housing, health, or safety code;

- Your landlord is not making repairs to keep your premises in a fit and habitable condition;

- Your landlord is not maintaining all electrical, plumbing, sanitary, heating, ventilating, and air conditioning fixtures and appliances they supply in good and safe working order; or

- Your landlord is not supplying running water, reasonable amounts of hot water and reasonable heat at all times.

These are just a sampling of issues which you may be experiencing which are addressed in the Ohio Revised Code for your protection.

Did you know that your residential apartment landlord is required by Ohio law to follow certain procedures with regards your security deposit upon termination of the rental agreement?  And, in certain situations, if the landlord fails to comply with the Ohio law (R.C. 5321.16) regarding procedures for security deposits, you may recover the property or money due you, together with damages equal to the amount wrongfully withheld, and reasonable attorneys fees!

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Ohio Landlord - Tenant Disputes.  We represent the Ohio tenant in various types of residential landlord tenant disputes throughout and around Franklin County (Columbus, Hilliard, Upper Arlington, Grove City, Worthington, Bexley, Dublin, etc) under Ohio Revised Code Chapter 5321.  

Ohio Landlord Tenant Disputes
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