In certain situations, we are able to unbundle our full-service model and provide assistance for one or more components of a civil dispute.

- For example, perhaps the scale of the dispute is such that a full service model would be cost prohibitive.  But, having an attorney work on critical parts of the case makes sense.

- For law firms, we are able to assist in your case work from beginning through trial.

We are able to advise you on court procedures, conduct legal research, review documents, draft agreements, draft pleadings (complaint, answers, counterclaim, reply), draft legal briefs, assist in discovery preparation, prepare exhibits, discuss trial strategy, etc.

If you wish us to assist you in a limited scope representation or need litigation support, please schedule a time to discuss your matter with us.


"Do you need help preparing ... discovery requests, witness statement(s), subpoenas, jury instructions, voir dire, answer, opposition memorandum, counter-claims,...?" 

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